Alibaug invites you to this “Mauli� Bungalow, your home away from home.

Welcome to this abode of Peace and Tranquility! Take a trip to this place, where you can re-ignite the bonds with your kith and kin and the ones that are close to you; a home away from home; a place where the entire family units and their branches can plan a union. You can have the exhilaration of the feeling of being born again, of the warmth and comforts in the very womb of Mother Nature!

Come and experience the surrounds filled with green, the mango trees, coconut, the chikku plantations, the association of new friends, the swans, the rabbits, the ducks, the fowls, the turkeys and many more. Come monsoon, and you can hear the lilting songs of the rivulets, the beats of the falls that will calm your mind and take away from the day-to-day worries of your life. Relax on the hammocks, laze in the sun, hear the wind blow back.

Come to this place where you can have the contrasts of the view of mounts and hills on the one side and the splendors of the beach and sea on the other. Smell the fresh air and experience the totally non-polluted environs! Feel the experience of moving around on Bullock and Horse driven taxis. Sit on the rocks with your feet in the rivulet; enjoy a very intimate time by the ponds, the forests and greenery.

Come to "Mauli Village" that will never get tired of calling you back again and again!!!

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© Shirdhankar, 2007

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